Push Your Luck

Gambit represents a measure of the Character’s Luck, and the player’s Agency in the Campaign. It is an conceptual unit of chance and narrative power, as much as a concrete numeric measure of a Character’s ability to press on. Players vie for Gambit with each interaction, using it to invest into the scene, risking it on success but able to come out all the better off if it’s in the cards.

Swashbuckling Combat & Conversation

A Character’s Gambit works similar to how Health works in other games, a count down through Combat until the Character is out of the running. A single gunshot, or knife strike, or well-placed punch, will take down a person, and so Gambit represents near-misses and quick dodges, or lucky placement of armor.

As an Action, players use Gambit to set up circumstances and Complications that make themselves harder to hit, forcing the Dealer to Ante in and burn their own Gambit in order to challenge their Character.


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