Riding the Devil’s Edge

The Reach.

A Fringe of Space with bordering the Terran Covenant and the Duonem Coalition, and nestled against the Diaspora’s Flotilla. A region wracked and ravaged by war less than 200 years hence, with most of the worlds burned to blank slates or bombed to glass, and the surviving worlds changing governments rather easily, as political and military powers shift inside the Reach.

Mostly, the Reach is Human inhabited, while most other Species concern themselves more with solidifying their own borders, and securing what worlds or homes they have. Humanity was spared much of the war, coming in during the waning days, as the tide had already turned, and only catching a glimpse of the weapons used except by the damage in their wake. Here and there, communities and private individuals of the core species of the Expanse are visible, unflinching in the spreading presence of Humanity and it’s varied factions.

Living the Devil’s Share

The players take up the Roles of a band of smugglers and privateers, pirates and criminals living well outside the control of the Terra Covenant or its Corporate brothers, and doing deals with and against the various cartels and socio-political factions that seem to breed between the worlds. They’re jobbers who do the dirty work and keep the dirty business in what it needs to keep running.

Thematically, the Characters are a blend of the crew of Serenity and a team of characters from Shadowrun; living by underhanded deals in back rooms, with some jobs requiring more than just hide-and-ride.

The Characters are a team, though not necessarily with a lot of history, nor even an equal amount from one to the next. The Team could have started with two, and they picked up the others as they traveled. If it comes to pass that a Character can simply not continue with the group (either by way of betrayal, behavior, or a final clash of wills), then for the survival of the Group, one has to step aside or be removed, though any equipment they bring by way of Role or Background will go with them (which could mean the Pilot taking his ship, leaving them stranded in dire straits).

The Players should work together, and with the House, in order to create a comfortable and fleshed-out enough background for the Team to get started, and fill in further details as the Campaign progresses.

For system, and a Guide to the Expanse, go here.

Running the Reach

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