Vanuth as a Destination

A way-station, with several independent mining facilities drawing salt and early elements out of the stone. The population is largely maintained in small arcologies spotted across the surface, each with its own staff on site.

Visitors to Vanuth are likely to not see the surface during their visit, however, and instead being the orbital docking ring. From here, beam transporters connect deliveries and personnel to the surface, but these are well controlled by the Three Moon Security staff.

The docking ring, however, has abundant casinos and gambling dens, and Three Moon Security often license independent contractors to go to the surface and deal with staff issues and problems. Once down on the surface, travel between arcologies is made via environmentally controlled treaded vehicles with dense shielding, as the weapon tests seared the protective magnetosphere from the planet.

World History

Vanuth, originally designated Test Site-37 by the Vasrah Coalition, was a pre-sentient world in what Terran paleoarchaeologists refer to as a Carboniferous Period; meaning it was a high oxygen atmosphere, with abundant vegetation and mostly large non-intelligent arthropods.

When the Duonem encountered it, the first attempts at landfall were discovered that the earth was too rocky, and lacking in the nutrients needed to provide food for their cattle species. As the world was in no way strategically viable at the time, it was deemed a Test Site, and became a target for large scale weaponry.

During the Othraki Conflict, the Reach became a contested territory, a new border to defend and to battle over, and Test Site-37 was lost without much in the way of resistance, leaving behind a pock-marked and shelled world, consisting mostly of rocky deserts and algae coated seas.


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