Terra Prime Covenant

License and Liturgy

The Terra Prime Covenant, based on Terra Prime (Earth), is form of unified government and secular religion that governs and polices the majority of human-controlled space. Most TPC regions are rigidly policed, to maintain the strict moral and ethical licensing rights imposed by the Terra Prime Directorate.

Terra Prime populations are largely space station or arcology-based, humans still lacking much of the technology to reliably terraform worlds uniformly. The days and time zones for TPC populations are set to match Earth’s circadian rhythms, typically Greenwich Mean Time, in order to maintain a sense of uniformity to human ritual and society.

Behavioral Licenses and Indulgences

Any behavior that could be “damaging to, or a degradation of” alien cultures is outlawed across Human space. While this includes a vast majority of vices and self-indulgent behavior, the following are examples of “controlled activity”:

  • Direct Sexual Intercourse
  • Imbibing of intoxicants (drugs, alcohol, non-educational VR sims)
  • Consumption of unapproved foods (approved foods consist of synth-nutrient meals)
  • Travel outside of arcology or station, or unscheduled travel off-world
  • Consumption of unapproved media (includes music, videos, and books)

Citizens of the TPC purchases temporary licenses and maintain subscriptions in order to receive permission to indulge in these behaviors, often within certain confines. In the larger cities, there are also members only clubs that maintain a separate business license to operate using these indulgences.

Terra Prime Covenant

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