Team Roles


A Team of Entertainers travel the Reach looking for their next gig, the next big show. While their individual skill sets may range wildly from that of a band of musicians or performers, when they come together they have a singular presence and style that sets them apart.

  • Can be Optioned for:
    • Any social action done to entertain or draw attention
    • Organizing performances or social events
    • Negotiating payments and gaining reputation


An Espionage Team is skilled in infiltration, sabotage, and information gathering. A dash of rogue, a dash of spy, a dash of demolitions, the Team knows how to get into the compound and get the info they need, or how to bring down the house without it tracking back to their employers.

  • Can be Optioned for:
    • Creating cover stories for Operations or Characters
    • Getting past automated Security systems or guard patrols
    • Placing strategic explosives to take out specific targets


The Merchant Team is out to make a buck, and the bigger the better. Experts in the movement and exchange of currency, they are masters of appraisal and getting more than they probably should for what they’ve got to sell.

  • Can be Optioned for:
    • Fencing illegal goods for better than normal
    • Bartering down prices for sales, and where best to exchange currency
    • Knowing what to take and when for the maximum profit


A Military Team is a strike force, a squad of relatively well-armed individuals who act as one. Highly coordinated, they are able to work, and occasionally get a hold of, high power military hardware, as well as make good on under the table military contracts.

  • Can be Optioned for:
    • Making contact and obtaining Military contracts
    • Squad-based combat
    • Acquiring high end military hardware


A rare encounter, the Political Team is something of a “Jobbers without Borders” of the Reach. Traveling from one place to the other, the Political Team seeks to end civil strife and open war by using open discourse and backroom bribes.

  • Can be Optioned for:
    • Negotiations for services or information
    • Convincing enemy forces to disarm or accept parlay
    • Getting out of criminal fines by way of greased palms

Team Roles

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