Random Results

Sometimes, Things go Belly Up

When there is a question of whether or not something occurs, but there is no direct Player Agency in the event, the decision is settled with a Baccarat deal, where the difference between the two Hands determines the variance of success or failure.

This is, in effect, a question not of skill or ability, but of random happenstance. For example:

  • The players have failed to defuse the bomb, and have spent too much time doing so. They will be caught in the building as it comes down. How do they fare?
    • Place the Cards: Player Hand refers to the Player’s benefit, House refers to their detriment. The difference between the Hands is the difference between the effects.
      • If the Players win, a higher score means they not only escape, but they do so while also saving other people or valuables, so that even in defeat they come out with a small win.
      • If the House wins, they burn Gambit equal to the variance, as sheet rock and burning metal come crashing down around them.
  • The Jockey kicks the disabled nav-com while the ship’s under fire, and decides to jump to hyperspace without entering any calculations.
    • If the Players win, they arrive somewhere beneficial to them, or at least safe.
    • If the House wins, they arrive somewhere dramatically important, but dangerous or detrimental to them. In this circumstance, the Dealer begins the next Hand with extra Gambit equal to the Variance.

Players do not invest Gambit in this Hand, instead are passive observers of the results. Again, the variance effect on, and for, the players is situational; sometimes it’s treated like damage and others simply as a measure of how bad things are about to get.

Random Results

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