Player Conflicts

Player Combat

When players get into a direct combat, it plays like any Combat, with any player buying into the Hand at their discretion, same as always. In this Conflict, the Dealer does not have a hand, and instead simply officiate over the Sequence, and deal out the River.

The Player who wins the Hand can assign the negative repercussions at their discretion, under the same guidelines as for the Dealer in regular Combat, including Character Death. The group then decides if Combat will continue into another Hand.

Player Contests

When Characters compete with one another, but not against one another, such as in athletics challenges or sporting events, or even gambling, this becomes a Dramatic Event and is ruled as such, except they are not working together. If there are NPC contestants, then the Dealer gets a deal of this Hand, otherwise only those involved get dealt in.

The Player who wins the Contest gets to dictate the results, and can choose to “lose” the contest, with the implied understanding that they “let” the other party win.

Player Conflicts

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