Dramatic Events

Quick Contests

This part of the system isn’t for combat, but rather for a player, or the group, to work to accomplish a single action. This is, by and large, a cooperative system, with each Character buying in contributing to the group’s success in the event.


For this part of the system, a deck with the Jokers removed (such as the one used for Random Results) is used to deal a hand of Blackjack (or 21) to the players involved in the Event. Each player involved pays one Gambit into the Pot to be involved. As in normal Blackjack rules, an Ace can be treated as a 1 or 11.

A player has the option of adjusting the value of his dealt cards by a value up to the Rank in the Role necessary to perform the Task.

Every player in the action may Stand for free. Each Hit on the cards costs one Gambit for the player (or Dealer) receiving the card.

The winner is the player with a hand closest to 21 with the fewest cards.


If a Player wins the Hand, the group succeeds at their attempt.

If the Dealer wins, the group fails at the attempt.

If any person scores a natural 21 (Ace and a Face Card or 10), this is an instant win, and treated as a Critical Success for a Player, or a Critical Failure if the Dealer draws it.

Dramatic Events

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