Character Talents

Talented Characters

Each Character begins play with one Talent, which represents a specifically defined ability or skill that the Character can use by Tipping the Dealer. It is generally related to the Character’s Role, but does not need to be.

In addition, each Talent should be unique to the Character. Players should not pick overlapping Talents, especially as their first Talent. Players are encouraged to create their own Talents, using the Examples below as broad guidelines.

Example Talents

  • Gorgeous
    • Tip: The player can Tip to declare an NPC (or NPCs) are paying particular attention to them, and may be friendly
  • Intimidating
    • Tip: The player can Tip to declare an NPC (or NPCs) are aware of, and threatened by them, and may be frightened
  • Junk Pilot
    • Tip: The player can, with a bit of work, make any non-destroyed vehicle get from one place to another reliably
  • Martial Artist
    • Tip: The player can, before Combat begins, can Tip to disable melee-range Mooks, reducing the Dealer’s Gambit by the amount Tipped.
  • Medical Expert
    • Tip: The player can revoke any declaration of Dead made on a Busted Character.
  • Tech Cobbler
    • Tip: The player can repurpose one piece of equipment for use with Tasks not associated with it

Character Talents

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