Character Roles


The consummate con-artist, the Grifter is whatever the current social climate needs him to be. He’s cool and confident, or suave and sophisticated, or even coarse and cantankerous. He’s a master of psychological tactics and social maneuvering, and know how to get what he wants when he can talk his way into it.

  • Used for:
    • Bartering and negotiating
    • Defusing a tense situation with law enforcement
    • Social misdirection and fast talking


A savant with firearms, the Gunman is a sniper and a quick-draw artist willing and able to put a few new holes in anything that gets in the way. She’s generally a calm customer, keeping her head about her so as to weigh options of targets and strategies. A master and innovator of slug-throwers and beamers alike, the Gunman is a dangerous enemy to make.

  • Used for:
    • Shooting weapons in ground combat
    • Cameras and photography
    • Operating non-remote starship weapons


Not necessarily all muscle, the Heavy uses his strength, body, and natural presence to do what needs to be done. He throws heavy punches, breaks down doors, and intimidates the enemy. A skilled hand-to-hand combatant, the Heavy is an expert in throws, body-locks, and ways to make a person hurt with your hands, knees, and other parts.

  • Used for:
    • Hand-to-hand combat and melee weapons
    • Intimidation by presence and physical threats
    • Opening or moving barricades and breaking things


The Jockey is a pilot and mechanic, a master of machines and technology. She tinkers with your gear and pilots your ships, all while hacking your computers and fixing your hyperspace gate. Skilled in all types of ship and machines, educated in all manner of computer programs and techs, the Jockey is epitomizes the tech-master.

  • Used for:
    • Piloting ships on ground and air, including automated weapons systems
    • Hacking and counter-hacking computers
    • Fixing and modifying tech and gear


Sneaky and subversive, hiding just outside of plain sight and biding his time, the Shade is a master of stealth and obfuscation. She can cover your trail, or poison your drinks, all while going unnoticed in enemy territory. The Shade is an master of intrusion and infiltration, picking locks and pockets, or simply slipping a knife between a poor fuck’s ribs.

  • Used for:
    • Going unnoticed or unobserved
    • Using stealth and misdirection in combat
    • Using and knowing about poisons and smuggling tactics

Character Roles

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